Peace First Prize

urlPeace First is excited to announce the launch of the second annual Peace First Prize! The Peace First Prize recognizes impressive young people who are creating positive change in their schools and communities. No project is too small. We want to hear about the incredible work that young people are doing and to celebrate their work publicly.

The Peace First Prize is open to young people ages 8–22 and will be awarded to 5–10 young leaders who have demonstrated compassion, courage and the power to create collaborative change. Winners will each receive $25,000 over two years and join the Peace First Fellowship program to support their peacemaking work.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase a young person you know, encourage their leadership, and appreciate their contributions to the community. Nominate an outstanding young person for the Peace First Prize today! Nominating someone is a great way to show them you support their work and believe in them as a peacemaker and leader. It is also very simple. Just share some information about their work and let us know how to get in touch through the short Nomination Form on our website.

Nominations are open through Monday, March 17. We need your help finding young peacemakers in your community to celebrate, and spreading the word about the Peace First Prize. Please visit for more information.