We Are Conscientious Objectors by Nathan Brown

Nathan-Brown-photo-273x350-234x300In his latest article in the “Engage” series for Adventist World, Nathan Brown considers the Adventist movement’s historic support for conscientious objection (CO) and the significance of this stance today. Brown writes:

Desmond Doss was a true Adventist hero and—as evidenced by the success of Benedict’s excellent documentary—his story is one that can connect with people beyond our church. But the real value of such stories is not only to offer us a hero or role model, or even a reflection of what our faith can look like at its best, they should also prompt and guide us toward living with similar courage, principles, and faithfulness in our time and place.

Brown later calls readers to connect the CO conviction with present social realities.

Imagine if, amid the ongoing debates and tragedies, we remembered that historically we are conscientious objectors. Imagine if we as a church stood up and spoke out, calling on our church members, and all other people of good will, to live as conscientious objectors today. And imagine if we were not only talking militarily, that in the face of ongoing social and cultural violence we chose to be civilian conscientious objectors, disarming ourselves, our homes, and our churches.

The complete article (“We are Conscientious Objectors”) can be accessed online here.

In regard to “our churches,” readers can consider the steps listed on this website for making their congregations peace churches.