International Symposium: The Impact of World War I on Seventh-day Adventism

wwi18The Institute of Adventist Studies at Friedensau University will host an international symposium entitled “The Impact of World War I on Seventh-day Adventism” (Germany, May 12–15, 2014).

One hundred years ago, the so-called “Great War” broke out, which not only shaped the history of the 20th century in Europe and beyond, but also had lasting repercussions on the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For this reason, the Institute of Adventist Studies is organizing an academic symposium in Friedensau, Germany.

Scholars and interested individuals are invited to participate in this conference and hear/discuss the findings of 16 internationally known researchers. The symposium deals mainly with the following issues: prophetic interpretation (“The sick man at the Bosporus”), Adventists und military service, and the so-called “Reform Movement”, the largest offshoot in the history of the denomination. The conference language is English.

The 16 presenters are: George Knight, Bert Haloviak, Ronald Lawson, Douglas Morgan, Gilbert Valentine (all USA);
Daniel Reynaud (Australia), Michael Pearson (Great Britain), Reinder Bruinsma (Netherlands), Richard Müller
(Denmark), Hjorleifur Stefánsson (Iceland), Eugene Zaitsev (Russia); Denis Kaiser, Johannes Hartlapp, Daniel Heinz,
Stefan Höschele und Rolf Pöhler (Germany).

Event Details

Registration:; Phone ++49-3921-916-160 (office) and ++49-175-5742677 (mobile)

Location: Friedensau Adventist University, D-39291 Möckern-Friedensau, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Learn more on the symposium website.