Death Before the Fall?: New Book on Animal Suffering by Ron Osborn

IVP Academic has just published a book by APF Executive Director Ron Osborn on the creation/evolution debate in which he wrestles with the problem of animal suffering and extends the ethics of nonviolence toward non-human animals. For news, reviews, and updates about the book, visit:

Walter Brueggemann, noted professor of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary, writes:

Ronald Osborn, with an agile mind and a well-informed intellect, throws down the gauntlet concerning misreading of the Genesis narratives. Taking aim at literalists and fundamentalists, he probes the ways in which one-dimensional reading distorts. Along the way he takes up issues of theodicy as they pertain to all of creation and to the animal realm in particular. Readers can expect to be jolted, surprised and challenged by this forthright statement.

The book is attracting attention within the Adventist community as well, with multiple reviews online:

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