Adventist Demonstrator in Ukraine Shares Motivation

Serhiy-HorokhovskyyOn February 20 of this year, APF reported on the actions of Union College graduate Serhiy Horokhovskyy, who was active in the political protests (article here).

Horokhovskky recently share with Adventist Today about his experiences during the demonstrations. Here is an excerpt:

Jeff Boyd: What motivated you to join in the protests?

Serhiy Horokhovskyy: Honestly, my motivation and desire to join had a few stages. First, I would just come and see what all the fuss is about, the whole country was talking about Maidan (the main square of Kyiv, where all these protests and confrontations took place), but most of things I heard were from the people that knew nothing about the situation or from people that were fed only by the media. I decided to go from time to time to listen to the speeches and to find out what the people stand for. I am not indifferent to the fate of my country. I went there to protest injustice, corruption, violence of those who swore to protect us, etc. When the situation got violent, I knew that I had to be there as a citizen and as a Christian. As a citizen, I tried to protect the helpless, and as a Christian, I needed to help the wounded.

The complete interview is accessible here for people with an AToday membership.