Joanna Darby on the Basis for Creation Care

greenJoanna Darby recorded a short video on creation care for Brad Rea’s YouTube channel, Seventh-day Adventist Fans of Jesus–Toward an Adventist perspective on Christian Environmental Ethics. Brad asked Joanna to share her thoughts on camera because she often preaches about a Christian approach to sustainable living and because he values her belief that Christians should be Environmental activists in their own way.

Here is the video’s YouTube description:

Published on Jan 31, 2014

“Creation Care” – An Adventist’s perspective on Christian Environmental ethics, and the need to look after God’s natural creation – the world around us.

Popular SDA speaker Joanna Darby talks about a Christian environmental ethic in light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Joanna Darby (Jo Darby) is a popular Seventh-day Adventist speaker at youth rallies, church services, SDA Summer Camps, The One Project, and church retreats. Joanna is also a writer and artist.

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Video title: Toward an Adventist perspective on Christian Environmental ethics – Joanna Darby “Creation Care”
Music by Mark Robinson.