WWI and the Adventist Church


“Adventist conscripts of World War I, photographed in 1917 France.” Credit: http://adventist.org.uk/news/gallery/gallery-na/world-war-1

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United Kingdom has compiled information regarding how Adventists in the region responded to World War One–WWI and the Adventist Church. “There were roughly 2,500 Seventh-day Adventist members in the UK in 1914. Some 130 of them were conscripted.” The men who chose to be noncombatants experienced “scorn, humiliation, arrest, beating, and even threat of death.” Furthermore, “a number spent time in Dartmoor, Wakefield or Knutsford prisons. A particular group of 14 were sent to France and following a court martial in November 1917 were sentenced to six months hard labour at Military Prison #3 in Le Harve.”

In addition to four PDF documents--WWI Brian Phillips, Adventist Heroes Devotional Talk, Armstrong Letter 1957, The Tribunal 4-04-1918–the website also lists a number of primary sources and links for further study.

The site also has a devotional video from the 2014 SEC camp meeting. The speaker in the video is “Victor Hulbert, great-nephew of Willie Till, one of the 14 who were court martialled and imprisoned in Le Harve.”

Finally, a trailer for the film, A Matter of Conscience, is provided. The complete film is now available:

WWI and the Adventist Church (UK)