Professor Zane Yi challenges Loma Linda community to connect healthcare with human rights

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.38.57 PMIn a chapel talk addressed to the entire Loma Linda University community, Dr. Zane Yi, assistant professor of theological studies in the School of Religion at LLU, challenged Adventist medical students and healthcare providers to use their skills to engage with urgent matters of human rights and social justice. Citing the work of the Adventist Peace Fellowship, Yi invited his listeners to boldly envision the meaning of medical missions in an age of massive and growing social and economic disparities.

“Can you imagine what it might look like in the world if Loma Linda University graduates went out into the world not just as skilled practitioners of their craft but as passionate advocates and champions of justice in healthcare?”

Professor Yi’s talk begins at the 19 minute mark of this video. His comments about the APF begin at approximately minute 33.


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