Manners: The Terrorism Solution (Hope Channel)

Bruce Manners has written an article about terrorism and nonviolence for the Hope Channel–“The Terrorism Solution” (1 Aug 2015). Within the context of violence perpetrated by ISIS, Manners give a brief summary of nonviolence approaches to building peace and justice. He notes three benefits to nonviolent action: it follows Jesus’ lead; fewer people are killed; and there is greater success.

prayManners concludes the article by telling the story of Leymah Gbowee and the other women who worked for peace in Liberia. This story is told in the powerful documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell.

Gbowee, who later won the Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous leadership, has reported drawing inspiration from ADRA. The killing of three ADRA workers in Liberia in 2003 gave her “direct inspiration that culminated her work as a social worker and caused her to sincerely devoted all her strength to work for peace and women’s rights” (Tor Tjeransen, “Nobel Peace Prize Winners Inspired by ADRA,” tedNEWS, 13 Dec 2011).