Adventists Participate in Fundraiser for Syrian Refugees

Doug Hardt, an Adventist pastor in Grand Rapids, MN, partnered with other local faith communities to raise money for Syrian refugees. Hardt shared on Facebook:

Just got back from Dairy Queen where we celebrated having a great fundraising concert for the Syrian refugees. We had the Deer River, Grand Rapids and Greenway high school choirs along with the St. Andrews Lutheran Men’s Chorus and Grand Rapids Men’s Chorus – along with Nicole and the Eleonora Kobzev quartet. I wanted to raise over $1000 with the concert. But we had somebody today say that they would match every gift up to $1500 – then someone who listened to the concert and liked it so much they said they would also match every gift up to $1500. We collected $1544 – which means that we raised $4544 for UNICEF and its work with the children involved in the refugee crisis. Very proud to be a resident of the Grand Rapids area.

This is not the first time Hardt has been involved with issues relating to the Middle East. We reported earlier on his efforts at Union College — Union College Hosts Interfaith Iraq Memorial — and he also played a part in this concert. Hardt has also been featured on 3ABN, where he shared about needs in the region (link).