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Adventist Peace Church in Chattanooga works for racial and economic justice (by Lisa Diller)


(The Well in Chattanooga is one of five Adventist congregations currently working toward certification as an “Adventist Peace Church”. ┬áLisa Clark Diller, a professor of history at Southern Adventist University and the APF… Continue reading

Stewards of God’s Gifts (Davidson)


“Christians and Creation Care,” is the lead article in the November/December edition of the Lake Union Herald. In this article, Jo Ann Davidson, professor of theology at the Andrews University seminary, expands the… Continue reading

Brown Calls for Active Creationism


In the September installment of his Engage series, Nathan Brown calls for an active creationism (Adventist World). Brown writes: Yes, I believe taking action to conserve and protect our natural world is important.… Continue reading

AR: God Was a Recycler


As noted previously (link), the Adventist Review has been posting updates on the International Conference on the Bible and Science. News editor Andrew McChesney reports on two presentations regarding environmentalism or creation care.… Continue reading

What is Central or Peripheral to Adventism, to Adventist Peacemakers?


Chris Blake uses the language of central and peripheral when discussing the priorities of faith (see “In Christ There Is Neither Conservative Nor Liberal,” Adventist Review). In the past few weeks, two communications… Continue reading

AR: Dutch Politician Marianne Thieme Continues to Lead the Party for the Animals


The Adventist Review recently ran a story on Marianne Thieme, the Dutch Politician who co-founded the Party for the Animals.[1] Despite criticism, the party has thrived in the Netherlands and has spread to… Continue reading

Adventist Pilot Gary Roberts Supports Conservation Efforts in Chad


Spectrum reports that Gary Roberts was included in a Smithsonian article on elephant conservation–“Christians and Conservation” (Sterling Spence, 21 July 2014). Roberts “flew to the aid of local conservationists to investigate reports of… Continue reading

Joanna Darby on the Basis for Creation Care


Joanna Darby recorded a short video on creation care for Brad Rea’s YouTube channel, Seventh-day Adventist Fans of Jesus–Toward an Adventist perspective on Christian Environmental Ethics. Brad asked Joanna to share her thoughts… Continue reading

Loma Linda Study Links Diet and Climate Change


A Loma Linda study finds a beneficial connection between a vegetarian diet and climate change, reports the Adventist Review (“Vegetarian Diet Is Effective Tool Against Climate Change, Study Finds,” June 26, 2014, link).… Continue reading

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