Walla Walla University Opens Race and Ethnicity Studies Center


Walla Walla University has opened the Donald Blake Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture—named after one of the first black tenure-track faculty members to be hired by an Adventist college… Continue reading

Adventist Peace Radio, Episode 2, Chris Blake


Welcome back to Adventist Peace Radio, the podcast of the Adventist Peace Fellowship. You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode (#2), Jeff Boyd sits down with Chris… Continue reading

In war-weary Colombia, Adventists look ahead to post-conflict challenges


On March 30 of this year, both sides of the decades-long Colombian conflict (the Colombian government and the largest rebel group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) “announced an agreed framework… Continue reading

Unlocking Revelation and U.S. History


In church this past Sabbath, I listened to a sermon about the United States in biblical prophecy. The sermon was part of a prophecy series (Unlock/Unlocking Revelation) that is being preached across the… Continue reading

Adventists in Côte d’Ivoire host peace summit following terrorist attack


Five days after a jihadist attack at the seaside resort of Grand-Bassam, the National Forum of the Religious Confessions of Côte d’Ivoire hosted a peace summit on March 18, “calling for a unified… Continue reading

Walla Walla University Peacemaking Week: Civil Discourse & Civil Rights


By: Emily Muthersbaugh, Student Life Manager, Walla Walla University This year, Walla Walla University’s sixth annual Peacemaking Weekend extended to a full week and focused on civil rights and civil discourse, promoting peaceful… Continue reading

Adventist Peace Radio: Episode 1, Doug Morgan & Ron Osborn


The Adventist Peace Fellowship is excited to launch a new podcast — Adventist Peace Radio. You can subscribe at iTunes or Stitcher. Our first episode is an oral history of the Adventist Peace… Continue reading

Church responds to terrorist attack in Brussels


On March 22, the Adventist News Network put out two articles regarding the three coordinated bombings that took place in Brussels, Belgium that day. A statement from the EUD Public Relations department reported that… Continue reading

Lincoln Peacemakers pledge 10,000 acts of peace toward worldwide effort


Chris Blake is an Associate Professor of English and Communication at Union College. He’s also the Chair of Lincoln’s Interfaith Peacemaking Coalition, an organization which—in celebration of their 30th anniversary—has pledged to lead their community in… Continue reading

Renewed Heart Ministries Podcast


Pastor Herb Montgomery, through his ministry Renewed Heart Ministries, deals with many themes relevant to Adventist peacemakers. For starters, check out his recent podcast that draws on the notable work of Walter Wink… Continue reading

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