Monthly Archive: July, 2014

AR: Dutch Politician Marianne Thieme Continues to Lead the Party for the Animals


The Adventist Review recently ran a story on Marianne Thieme, the Dutch Politician who co-founded the Party for the Animals.[1] Despite criticism, the party has thrived in the Netherlands and has spread to… Continue reading

ANN: Celebrating Religious Freedom in Zimbabwe


“More than 4,000 Seventh-day Adventist youth marched from Harare city center to join over 30,000 Adventists at Glamis stadium to celebrate religious liberty in Zimbabwe on June 21,” reports the Adventist News Network… Continue reading

Adventist Peacemaker Noticed by Review Magazine After Flight MH17 Tragedy [UPDATED]


The Adventist Review reports that “Frieda Souhuwat-Tomasoa, had booked a seat on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 from Amsterdam to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, on July 17.”[1] However, because “she wanted to arrive… Continue reading

Adventist Pilot Gary Roberts Supports Conservation Efforts in Chad


Spectrum reports that Gary Roberts was included in a Smithsonian article on elephant conservation–“Christians and Conservation” (Sterling Spence, 21 July 2014). Roberts “flew to the aid of local conservationists to investigate reports of… Continue reading

Four Pioneering Adventist Peace Churches


The APF provides a certification program for churches committed to working for peace and social justice as an integral part of their identity and mission so that they can become part of a… Continue reading

AR: Adventists Team Up With Panama University to Fight Violence


The Adventist Review reports that “Seventh-day Adventist church in Panama has signed an agreement with the University of Panama in Panama City to develop initiatives to counter growing violence in the Central American… Continue reading

Joanna Darby on the Basis for Creation Care


Joanna Darby recorded a short video on creation care for Brad Rea’s YouTube channel, Seventh-day Adventist Fans of Jesus–Toward an Adventist perspective on Christian Environmental Ethics. Brad asked Joanna to share her thoughts… Continue reading

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