College View Academy Hosts Fundraiser for ISIS Victims

College View Academy students put on a fundraiser for ISIS victims, Megan Conway reports for KLKN TV (ABC 8) in Lincoln, Nebraska (link). Recently, Union College also hosted an event focusing on Iraqis affected by the conflict.

College View Church, Union College. Credit: KLKN ABC 8.

College View Church, Union College. Credit: KLKN ABC 8.

KLKN article excerpts:

At the Union College campus tonight, hundreds came out for a benefit concert. The purpose of the concert was giving back to families in the middle of a war zone, thousands of miles away. College View Academy students hosted the benefit concert all in an effort to help the victims of ISIS.

Special guests Mayor Chris Beutler and his wife came to the event. Baked goods were sold and students sang and played instruments.

The volunteers raised just over six and a half thousand dollars. Their hope is to influence other schools and organizations to do the same, stressing that every little bit helps. [complete article]

Update: APF has been told the funds are going to Adventist Frontier Mission’s (AFM) refugee ministry in northern Iraq (link). Also, all funds designated for Yazda are being sent to that nonprofit. Finances are going to AFM because neither ADRA nor the Middle East Union is active in the area, we are told. As of Wednesday night (15 Oct), the total raised has increased to $9,500.

The Good Neighbor Community Center posted two short videos of local media coverage: